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Oct. 4th, 2017


Yuletide Letter 2017

Hello anon. This is my third year of Yuletide, it’s about time I finally wrote a letter. I’ve been really helped by the letters I’ve read, and it’s a really nice way to get to know the person you’re about to write something for. Here’s my letter!

What I like:

-rivals to lovers
-dirty talk
-switching, lack of defined or stereotypical uke or seme roles
-awkward sex or relationships
-body horror
-psychic sex or mental connections
-bisexual/pansexual characters

A lot more detail about what I like:

I prefer smut, so I'd be happy with a filthy one-shot. You don’t need to build up the character’s relationships before they take the passion between them to bed, or an alley, or a cockpit or wherever. Don’t get me wrong, I love meticulously detailed and emotional slow burns, but if I like a pairing, I’m already convinced that they like (or hate) each other enough to fuck. Outside of smut, I enjoy stories with cutely awkward relationship dynamics and/or competitive characters, and I generally enjoy comedy.

Competition is a cornerstone for me. And I like all its attendant emotional states: inferiority complexes, arrogance, accomplishment, defeat, power play, determination and more. This is partially why I can’t stand strict seme/uke roles. It takes all the competitive fun out of things! If I’m reading a fic and can’t tell who’s going to top, that’s the best kind of fic for me.

On a related note, I’m a fan of dubcon and awkward situations. Dubcon because I like characters acting without realizing their full feelings. Awkwardness because that’s what real life is like.

About the bisexual/pansexual thing—I love queer stories, which is ultimately why I like fandom. I imagine most characters somewhere between 2 and 5 on the spectrum (not ALL characters—just like with real people, there are some 1s and 6s out there). I can’t help it; I’m bi myself and have a hard time seeing through any other lens. What this means is that please no “vaginas—ew!” or “I’m only gay for you” tropes. They will turn me off.

Also, it’s not important to me that characters be locked into an OTP. I tend to be a multishipper and I like a good threesome. I truly enjoy two characters pining over a third missing character too.

And finally, finally, yes, CRACK REALLY IS OKAY. Some of the best fics I’ve ever read have been audaciously hilarious.

What I don’t like:
-complete lack of sexual tension
-authority figures or strict power definitions (EXCEPT in the case of sexual slavery or prostitution)
-“whiny uke” stereotype (bottom=\= weak)
-long action scenes
-hospitals, Major Character Death (even if it’s canon, I’d prefer the focus to be away from this), suicide or self harm
-non-canonical material (AUs ok and ideal for crack!, but the AU should highlight something interesting about canon) or crossovers

Specific fandoms for 2017:


Hiraga and Roberto are basically married, but I’d prefer to see the forbidden romance of Lauren/Hiraga. If you want my opinion, there’s some UST between the two, on a level that these two rather high-minded individuals probably don’t understand themselves. At least, Lauren’s devotion to Hiraga goes beyond intellectual respect. If also including Roberto/Hiraga, which is also quite welcome, less focus on their domesticity and more on the moral quandaries they might face. Particularly if they feel acting on their impure attraction to each other is a sin~

Smutà Lauren/Hiraga or Lauren/Hiraga/Roberto. Pretty self explanatory, and kudos if you can arrange that threesome :)
Angstà Lauren struggling with Hiraga’s oversize role in his life, or Roberto/Hiraga struggling with Lauren’s in theirs; Hiraga trying to justify his sinful attraction to Lauren
CrackàLauren’s observations of the gross domesticity between Hiraga and Roberto; or a ridiculous case

NOTE: Major DNW for this fandom is any descriptions of Ryota in the hospital


Thoughts and Prompts:
There's just one thing to do after a long day of fishing…hold a SLEEPOVER!!!! As porny or as goofy as you want! All the boys or just a couple of them! I’d say more about each boy but I honestly adore them all and don’t have a pairing preference either! I just want a SLEEPOVER!!


Despite watching and reading X/1999 over a decade ago, I just now read Tokyo Babylon for the first time, and so I have a lot of feelings. I have the utmost respect for Subaru—his mastery of powers at a young age, his purity and goodness, his humanity and compassion. But even more so than that, I fell in love with the morally ambiguous landscape of 1990s Tokyo as CLAMP portrayed it in all its ugly beauty. More than anything I’d like to see a fic with Tokyo itself at the center—dirty and seductive and the greatest challenge someone pure like Subaru will ever face. Perhaps Seishiro is the infuriating nexus of that ambiguity.

SmutàSubaru/Seishiro, Subaru/Hokuto
AngstàCasefic, much like the manga itself
Crackà I’d prefer not to receive crack for this fandom


Give me your Heaven’s Feel.
Give me crosses and crest worms.
Give me a twisted priest and a sad, worm-ridden girl.
Give me your grossest, most uncomfortable meditation on how much Kotomine loves Sakura’s immense power and what she could birth into the world.
Give me the yuetsu that comes from Kotomine surrendering to Dark Sakura.
Super extra million bonus points: Give me Kotomine’s love for all things Matou, a morbid fascination that began when he encountered Kariya’s decrepit and pathetic body back in Fate/Zero.

SmutàExtremely twisted, graphic, the more body horror and uncomfortableness the better
AngstàSince I don’t think there’s any angst on the part of Kotomine, and I’d rather this not be from Sakura’s POV as a helpless participant, please make angst more about the general horror of the FSN situation
CrackàFSN’s already cracked, so go to town exaggerating the ridiculous of Fate in general, or gimme your craziest, most inappropriate AU

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Good luck!

May. 2nd, 2011


RAG Massive Art Dump

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Feb. 5th, 2011

freud discuss

Success (Halle/Alle/Soma/Marie)

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Nov. 11th, 2010


nurse!Halle fetish

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Sep. 23rd, 2010

freud classic 2010


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Jul. 22nd, 2010


RAG - Frame of Mind

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Aug. 29th, 2009


LJ Cut Test II

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Apr. 26th, 2009


Joining LJ for the DN

About twelve years late, here I am...joining LJ to participate in the Death Note Fanbook organized by xizarx.